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A5 paper is closely related to the Canadian, USA and South American standard called Junior Legal. Both paper sizes are displayed here in mm, cm, inches and pixels.

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A5 Paper Size


What is A5 Paper

A5 paper is twice as small as the A4 standard, but double the size of the A6 standard. All countries use the A5 paper standard excluding a few. Canada, USA and South American countries.

When to use A5 Size

A5 size is generally used as flyers or leaflets in marketing. However, many companies are down-sizing from A4 as a cost effective solution to display information in the form of prescriptions and invoices etc. It is also popular for being used as memos.

What Are The Differences Between A5 and Junior Legal Size Paper

Junior Legal is slightly shorter than A5 paper and also not as wide. The Junior Legal standard is mostly used in Canada the USA and some South American countries.